Tuesday, May 6, 2008


BGD is short for Beta Galactic Defenders, a group of creatures who think that the APT and the IPR are both evil so their goal is to shut them down. They launch surprise attacks on both the APT and the IPR, they are experts at attacking and dissapering quickly. The BGR donesn't have a base because their are so few of them it would be impossible to defend, instead their "base" is a small fleet that carries all their equipment. The fleet flies around with no destinition in particular.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


URT stands for Universal Raider Team, a team which specializes on stealing. The URT don't have a good fleet or land army, they only have raiding platoons and transport ships. They actually have an army but it stays on their base in case of attack.
The URT consists of alot of people who are "working" for the companies they want to steal from, in other words, they have alot of inside men. The URT is currently trying to steal from the GRS but so far, they have been unsucessful. The URT leave the APT and the IPR alone and they leave the URT alone.


GRS, which stands for Galactic Robot Squadron, is a group of robots who are supposedly be the police but they are not going against the APT or the IPR, only because both teams offred money if the GRS don't go after them. The GRS has the best weaponary, best fleet, and the best army, and they are still making more. They need all this because they need it to defend themselves against the URT, The GRS also launches attacks on the URT but the army on the GRS are not very well trained so they have to constantly withdraw. Apart from raiding the URT, the GRS also acts as a police for some planets.


the IPR, short for Inter-plantery Rogues, are a group of creatures who hate the APT. They are evil and want power too but their excuse is that they are fighting the APT to stop them from gaining power.The IPR have less numbers than the APT but what they lack in quanity, they make up in quality, they have state-of-the-art weaponry on both their ships and on their soldiers. Their land army is massive, bigger than the APT's but even though they have a battle-hardened fleet, it is way smaller than the APT's. The IPR have a top commander that knows what a good move is from the bad. The IPR is currently looking for the red crystal, a crystal that will power up the land weapons. The IPR and the APT clash all the time on untimely locations but so far, none have overcome the other.


the APT is short for Apha Phaser team, a group of beings, ranging from human to creatures, that want power, they always launch attacks on their rivals, the IPR. The APT have a very powerful assault fleet with dozens of fighter ships, their land army leaves alot to be desired with. The APT are currently looking the blue energy crystal, a crystal that will power up their ships by a lot, they will let nothing stand in their way and need the crystal to destroy the IPR. The APT also has a lot of phasers on their ships, which is partly why they have a powerful fleet.